samedi 4 octobre 2014

ATC swap: 11 days left to join in the swap! / Echange de "ATC": plus que 11 jour pour vous joindre à nous!

Only 11 days left to join in the ATC swap I'm organising!

I love the idea that goes with the ATC swap and applying it to tangled ATCs seems obvious. We all love other zentanglers's work. And we draw out so many of these little beauties, why not exchange them with other people who love them too?!

All you need to join is:

1) say you are joining in a comment to this post.
2) Draw 5 ATC sized tiles (or choose 5 amongst those you have already tangled),
3) write out an envelop with your snail mail on it. 
4) Send your 5 ATCs + your envelop to me via snail mail.(address will follow)


You will get 5 new original ATCs (from 5 of  the other participants) by return mail in the envelop you will have sent me.

I'll give you my address next week with last minute information depending on how many we are joining in the swap.

Here are a few of the ATCs I intend to put in the swap.  You can choose the one you'd like!

 (Or any other ATC from my blog that I haven't put up here is fine too.)

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